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1. New York City _____ in the USA.
a) isb) arec) bed) am

2. My father _____ in an office.
a) is workb) worksc) workd) does work

3. _____ two books on the table.
a) There isb) Thec) Thered) There are

4. _____ coffee?
a) Do you likeb) Does you likec) Do you likesd) Are you like

5. He _____ in Madrid.
a) isn't liveb) not livec) don't lived) doesn't live

David: _____ do you go to work?
Jane: I take the bus.
a) Dob) Howc) Whered) When

7. _____ you busy last week?
a) Wasb) Doc) Ared) Were

8. We _____ to the cinema. We went to a restaurant.
a) don't gob) didn't wentc) didn't god) not went

9. Sorry, I ______ to your party.
a) isn't gob) not goc) can't god) don't go

10. I visited London _____ I was fifteen.
a) whenb) untilc) tod) for

11. Can I have _____ cheese, please?
a) thoseb) ac) somed) these

12. _____ on an important project at the moment.
a) I've workedb) I workedc) I workd) I'm working

13. How many bedrooms _____?
a) has your houseb) has your house gotc) does your house gotd) got your house

14. Peking House is _____ restaurant in town.
a) the bestb) bestc) the goodd) the most good

15. Mr. Smith _____ to Spain tomorrow.
a) is flyingb) flewc) flyd) is fly

16. If you're ill, you ____ to work.
a) 're shouldn't gob) shouldn'tc) shouldn't god) don't be going

17. What's the most interesting city _____?
a) you've ever visitb) you've ever visitedc) you ever visitingd) you've ever visiting

18. Fred _____ a new job next month.
a) has startedb) startedc) going to startd) is going to start

19. ______ to go to China next year because I'm studying Chinese.
a) I'd likeb) I likec) I'm liked) I've liked

20. What are you hoping ______ next year?
a) dob) to doc) doingd) done

21. I ______ start work at 8:00, but I didn't start until 8:30.
a) was supposed tob) supposed toc) was supposedd) suppose to

22. I gave up ______ because I injured my knee.
a) runb) to runc) runningd) run

23. My house is ______ further from the office than your house is.
a) much moreb) slightlyc) nearlyd) quite as

Dave: The phone's ringing. Who do you think is calling?
Kate: It _____ Mike.
a) couldb) can bec) 's might bed) must be

25. If it weren't raining, the children ______ play outside.
a) would be able tob) were able toc) cand) are able to

26. I'll never forget ______ David Beckham. I saw him at the airport three years ago, so I said hello.
a) to meetb) meetingc) meetd) met

27. I'm not hungry. I ______ three sandwiches since 11:00 this morning.
a) 'm eatingb) atec) 've been eatingd) ’ve eaten

Sue: I don't like this film.
Liz: Oh, really?
Pam: What did Sue say?
Liz: She ______ like this film.
a) said I don'tb) told she doesn'tc) says she doesn'td) said she didn't

29. Could I ask _____ where Mr. Smith's office is?
a) you knowb) do you knowc) if you knowd) that you know

30. My car broke down yesterday, but it ______ today. I should be able to drive it again tomorrow.
a) 's being repairedb) is repairingc) 's being repaird) repaired

31. If it rains tomorrow, _____ have to cancel the garden party.
a) we'reb) we'dc) wed) we'll

32. My sleep was disturbed by someone ______ on the door.
a) bangb) bangingc) bangedd) was banging

33. If we hadn't been late, we ______ the train.
a) wouldn't have missedb) won't have missedc) wouldn't missd) won't miss

34. I didn't leave the water on. It ______ Ian.
a) has to haveb) must havec) must bed) must have been

35. Henry saw twenty pounds on the floor and ______.
a) picked up itb) picked upc) picked it upd) picked it

36. ______ early every day is making me very tired.
a) I wake upb) Wake upc) Waking upd) To wake up

37. Jim ______ a copy of his new book.
a) promised thatb) promisedc) promised to med) promised me

38. I won't _______ this office again until next year.
a) be visitingb) visitingc) to visitd) be to visit

39. The cards were all mixed up, but we ______.
a) sorted out themb) sorted them outc) them sorted outd) out sorted them

40. This time tomorrow, George ______ the London Marathon and returned to his hotel.
a) has finishedb) will have finishedc) will finishd) finishes

41. When I was at university, I ______ often stay up all night studying.
a) willb) canc) wouldd) may

42. When I found the flat I wanted, I knew the biggest problem ______ paying for it.
a) is going to beb) was going to bec) wouldd) will be

43. ______ Ameilia Earhardt's plane crashed, but no one knows for sure what happened.
a) It's thought thatb) Is generally believedc) It reportedd) Was shown

44. Picasso's work ______ all over the world for decades.
a) been admiredb) has admiredc) has been being admiredd) has been admired

45. Fortunately, Jim's motorcycle accident wasn't nearly as bad as ______.
a) it could have beenb) it could havec) it wasd) it could be

Maya: Would you like a cup of tea?
Bill: I ______, thanks.
a) 'd love itb) 'd lovec) 'd love oned) love tea

47. ______ people may say about him, I'll always think Mr. Smith was a good head teacher.
a) Whateverb) Whatc) Wheneverd) Ever

48. ______ he finish the race, but he came in third.
a) Didb) Not only didc) Only didd) Only did not

49. ______ is a good plumber.
a) What you needb) What's needc) What you’re needd) You need

50. ______ your bike on a busy road, always wear a helmet.
a) Whenb) Ridec) When rided) When riding